Solis 4G Single Phase 7kW to 10kW

  • High switch frequency technology-Smaller and Smarter
  • Efficiency greatly improved
  • One board design reduce the risks caused by the connector between PCB boards
  • Ultra-low temperature rise with the structure of the external power inductor
  • The Max. power range of single phase covers 6-10KW
  • Ultra wide input voltage range
  • IP65 rated for outdoor installation
  • RS485 WiFi/GPRS and Ethernet(optional) interface
  • Integrated export power control function (optional)
  • 5 years standard warranty 20 years optional upgrade
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Model Solis-1P7K-4G Solis-1P8K-4G Solis-1P9K-4G Solis-1P10K-4G
Energy Source PV
Input Side(DC)
Max. DC input power(kW) 8 9.2 10.8 11.5
Max. DC input voltage(V) 600
Start-up voltage(V) 120
MPPT voltage range(V) 100-500
Max. input current(A) 10A+10A+10A
MPPT number/Max input strings number 3/3
Output Side (AC)
Rated output power(kW) 7 8 9 10
Max. apparent output power(kVA) 7.7 8.8 9.9 10
Max. output power(kW) 7.7 8.8 9.9 10
Rated grid voltage(V) 220/230
Rated grid frequency(Hz) 50/60
Operation phase Single
Rated grid output current(A) 31.8/30.4 36.4/34.8 40.9/39.1 45.5/43.5
Max. output current(A) 33.7 36.6 41.3 45.9
Power Factor (at rated output power) 0.8leading … 0.8lagging
THDi (at rated output power) <1.5%
DC injection current(mA) <0.5%In
Grid frequency range(Hz) 47-52 or 57-62
Max.efficiency 0.981
EU efficiency 0.976
MPPTefficiency >99.5%
DC reverse-polarity protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Output over current protection Yes
Output over voltage protection Yes
Insulation resistance monitoring Yes
Residual current detection Yes
Surge protection Yes
Islanding protection Yes
temperature protection Yes
Integrated DC switch Optional
General Data
Dimensins(mm) 333W*573H*249D
Weight(kg) 18
Topology Transformerless
Self consumption (night) <1W(Night)
Operating ambient temperature range -25~60℃
Ingress protection IP65
Noise emission{typical} <30dBA
Cooling concept Natural convection
Max.operation altitude 4000m
Designed lifetime >20years
Grid connection standard EN50438 G83/2 G59/3 AS4777.2:2015 VDE0126-1-1 IEC61727 VDE N4105
Relative humidity 0~100%
Safty/EMC standard IEC62109-1/-2 NB/T 32004 EN61000-6-1 EN61000-6-3
DC connection MC4
AC connection IP67rated plug
Display LCD,2×20Z.
Communication connections 4 pins RS485 connector
Monitoring WiFi or GPRS
Warranty 5 years standard (extend to 20 years)
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