Solar Pumping System

Optimized water fetching solution in remote places.

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What is a Solar Pumping System

Solar Pumping System (SPS) is a solar powered watering system composed by

  • Solar Array----a set of solar panels connected in strings and parallel to provide energy
  • Solar Pumping Inverter----the core component with electrict rectification and system control function
  • Pump---water pump driven by AC or DC. Powerician provides AC solution.

Optional components

  • Water Tank--stock water and supply steadily,especially needed on residential water supply system
  • Dual-Power Box--connect grid power into the syestem as backup.

The Advantage of Solar Pumping System

Solar Pumping System (SPS) is an optimized solution for where need water but beyond grid power access.

Powerician Solar Pumping System has advantages as below:

  • Solar energy powered, saves money paid for diesel or gasoline.
  • MPPT technique applied, solar energy is utilized maximum to fetch water.
  • Full automatically operation, watching over is unnecessary.
  • Customized system, meets the requirements without waste a penny.

Powerician solar pumping systems have been tested by abundant projects with varied geographic locations, climatic conditions, and specific water demands. Once installed, SPS will work stably to get water free.

Lower Operation Cost

Max Solar Energy Utilization

Automatical Operation

Customized System Design

How to Config a Solar Pumping System

To design a suitable solar pumping system, information as below is needed:

  • Geographic location--latitude and longitude is most welcomed, town/city name will be also ok.
  • Water Quantity--how much water is needed PER DAY, NOT PER HOUR.
  • Vertical distance-- the vertical distance from the pump intake to the highest point of piping
  • Horizontal Distance--the horizontal distance from pump to the pipe outlet

Please refer to drawings on the left. Click to zoom.

Please tell us the figures above mentioned, you will get a customized system solution.


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